As passionate and proud educators, children are at the heart of everything we do at Upbeat.  To give those children the opportunity to feel that they are able to contribute positively and boost morale in these extraordinary times, we have come up with an initiative to complement the existing #ClapForCarers campaign.  We would like to get the children we teach (and all you adults!) to #BangYourDrum for our Key Workers!


Last Thursday , the ‘Upbeat’ Powell family, who live in the small village of Govilon, decided to utilise the currently redundant samba drums residing in Dad’s van to see if we could make enough noise to carry to Nevill Hall hospital, approximately 2.5 miles across the Usk valley from our home.  Amazingly, without the everyday noise pollution of traffic etc. our drumming was heard by friends living on Brecon Road in Abergavenny, the road on which Nevill Hall hospital lies!


Our Facebook live video proved to be very popular so we thought, “What if the other residents of Govilon and Abergavenny joined the impromptu band to enhance the existing #ClapforCarers initiative and indeed, show all of the frontline and key workers how much they are appreciated and valued?”


Upbeat Music and Arts is therefore launching the #BangYourDrum campaign to demonstrate support for NHS staff andall other key workers.  To get the whole of Wales involved is the ambition!


We are contacting our partner schools, encouraging them to join the campaign to get pupils to make a drum with their parents or in their school hubs, and play a rhythm next Thursday (and subsequent weeks during this crisis) that will audibly reach the workers and bring all ages together.


That simple rhythm is available to learn here 

"Can I just say a huge thank you to Ben and your wonderful company. The year 5s at Colcot loved today and I really enjoyed myself too."  Holly Morgan, Communities First Development Officer Youth, Barry